Palo Park III Homeowners' Association

Palo Park Filing No. 3 is a community of single family homes located on the north eastern edge of Boulder in Boulder County. We are a Covenant controlled community of 52 homes built in the late 1970s.  Homes are adjacent to Four Mile Creek, walking and bike paths, and near parks, open space, and the Fairview Soccer Fields. The area has easy access to bus routes, the Foothills Parkway, and Highway 36.

Current Board Members

Reb Bennett
Alex Chaux
Barney Moran
Jed Mortenson
Robert Croft

Western Disposal Information


Our contract with Western Disposal allows each homeowner:

  • a weekly 96 gallon pick-up for TRASH,
  • an every other week 96 gallon pick-up for COMPOST and
  • an every other week 96 gallon pick-up for SINGLE STREAM.

If you use more than this OR leave things outside the carts (including leaf bags), you will be charged for those items.

You can request carts in 32, 64 or 96 gallon sizes.

You can use more than one cart to arrive at the 96 gallon maximum.

Western Disposal prefers you use a cart for single-stream rather than the old recycle containers.

Call Western Disposal to request the cart sizes you wish and labels for the carts.

(303) 444-2037

A recent flyer from Western Disposal indicates "You can get four times the capacity of the typical Spring Clean-up by filling a 32-gallon compost cart every other week for the year".

Yard Waste Drop-off:   Available year round at Western Disposal, 5880 Butte Mill Road.  There may be a fee.  It is free to city of Boulder residents.

Board Meetings

For the date and location of the next Board meeting, please contact us at

Annual Meetings

Held on the third Monday in January, at the hour of 7:30 pm. If the day for the annual meeting is a legal holiday, the meeting will be held at the same hour on the first day following which is not a legal holiday.

For the location of the next Annual meeting, please contact us at:


As posted 11/1/10 on Boulder County's website, in the Land Use Code

Single Family Dwelling, Zoning/Article 4-511, D, 1.

A detached building which is occupied or which is arranged designed, and intended to be occupied, by not more than one family, and which contains not more than one dwelling unit.

Family, Definitions/Article 18-148

  1. An individual, or two or more individuals related by blood, marriage, or adoption, and not more than two roomers or boarders; or
  2. Two adults and any of their lineal descendants; or
  3. A group of not more than three unrelated individuals; and who are living together as a single housekeeping unit.

Contact Information

No Solicitations Please!

Posted on this website: Budget, Covenants, SB100 documents, Rules & Regulations and Minutes.

For financial information:
Online Ledger Services, 303-444-0772


GAAO Solutions, LLC.
Palo Park III Homeowners Association
C/O GAAP Solutions, LLC
1650 38th St., Suite 201E
Boulder, CO 80301

Yearly Dues and Billing Questions to:

GAAO Solutions, LLC., 303-444-0772


In order to receive email updates from the Board or to contact us, write us at: (your email address will not be shared with others)

Regarding changes to your home/property:
Please reference Rules & Regulations (on this website) and Submit for approval in writing c/o On-Line Ledger



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